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Calling all CDH Families, Save the Date to have some FUN!! Everyone is invited!!! CDH Warriors of the Pacific Northwest Guild will be hosting this event. Trampoline Fun, Jungle Gym Action, BBQ (Please bring a dish to share) and Goodie baggies for the kiddos. How can you go wrong?

Things to bring: Water Wear (Sprinkler Play will be going on), Outdoor chairs or blanket (pick a spot to park it) a dish to share with the group and whatever you are drinking (we will have Hamburgers and Hotdogs, Water, Iced Tea and Lemonade).

If anyone is traveling a far distance for the event, in Issaquah (aprox 15 min from my place) there are a few hotels. Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn are available. In Snoqualmie, there is Salish Lodge.

*Why not make a day out of it! I love my city and I hope you will too!! Here are some places to see while you’re in my neck of the woods:
1. Snoqualmie Falls and the Salish Lodge (Twin Peaks was filmed here)
2. The Snoqualmie Train Depot, Trains running until 4:45 will take you on a Birds Eye view of Snoqualmie Falls, into Northbend and Back to Snoqualmie. While you are in Downtown, there are several little shops to check out.
3. Twedes in North Bend (AKA, Twin Peaks Diner)

** Special Treat: Dr. Ledbetter will be stopping by to say Hello!!

Mud Run Header copyThe Survivor Mud Run tests your ability to run, climb, jump, crawl and muscle your way through an extreme 5k Mud Run! As a Survivor Mud Runner you will have to conquer whatever obstacles get in your way and test your all around toughness, strength, stamina, fitness and mental determination.

Sound familiar? Our CDH Warriors know what it means to fight their way through the most insurmountable obstacles. As their loved ones, we are committed to raising funds for CDH research in honor of their fights. And if it means getting a little dirty, well, so be it! Our CDH Warriors of the PNW team will be participating in the Seattle Survivor Mud Run on June 6, 2015 and collecting donations for our efforts.

Are you in?

Join our team participating in the Survivor Mud Run! As CDH Warriors Team members in the Survivor Mud Run, we are committed to raising funds for the CDH Warriors of the PNW Guild (a Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild). These donations fund CDH research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Team members will collect donations through their training efforts with an overall $5,000 team fundraising goal.

To sign up on our team, register for the Seattle Survivor Mud Run and select “CDH Warriors of the PNW” as your team. Then email the guild letting us know you are signed up. Please note: the sooner you sign up, the cheaper the registration fee! Each CDH Warriors team member will register with us for $20 (this is in addition to the registration fee for the Mud Run which goes to the event costs and is not associated with our fundraising efforts for the guild). Once you are all signed up we will send you a CDH Warriors Race Packet which will include fundraising and event details. As a member of our team, you will receive a CDH Warriors t-shirt and fundraising support.

How do I raise donations?

As friends and family of CDH Warriors, we all have a powerful story to tell. As a CDH Warriors Mud Run team member, we will help you raise funds for CDH research at Seattle Children’s Hospital by providing you with fundraising ideas and support.  You can send out an email to friends and family, promote your efforts on your social media, put on a garage or bake sale… the possibilities are endless (we just ask that you let us know what ways you are raising funds so that we can make sure they are Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association approved). And don’t forget, many companies will match donation efforts (just check with your HR department).

Have more questions?

We’d be delighted to talk you through this event, our fundraising efforts and how you can participate! Just contact us!

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Check out our Facebook page for additional upcoming Warriors events!

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