Happy Mother’s Day!

As mothers of CDH Warriors, we fight battles right along with our babies. We’ve had to handle a tough diagnosis with hormones in full swing, tried to reconcile our excitement over our new baby with our fear of the worst, stayed bedside day and night, sometimes standing for hours-long stretches, just hours and days after giving birth and we’ve learned more about anatomy, medicine, feeding tubes, procedures and the medical field in general than we ever thought we would. Some of our CDH Mamas have had to say goodbye to their babies and others will live the rest of their lives waiting for the other shoe to fall. As CDH mothers of survivors and angels, many of our battle wounds never heal. But we soldier on, always thankful for the positives our babies and children bring us and always with a heart full of faith, love and hope.

Alden, 2 years old

Alden, 2 years old

This week, in honor of Mother’s Day, Seattle Children’s Hospital shared stories about mothers who have found hope through their child’s difficult diagnosis and become advocates for other parents and families. Kara, one of our Washington State CDH Mamas, and her son Alden were profiled for this series. Click here for their story of hope through Alden’s CDH journey. This Mother’s Day, we honor the strength, tenacity and bravery that it takes to be a CDH Mama.

Here’s to all the CDH Mamas!


Nolan’s Big Race!

We’re so lucky here in the Pacific Northwest to have such a tight-knit group of CDH families. Our group is always there to answer a question, validate a feeling, share a parenting moment or just listen. But one of the coolest things about this community is that we all get to cheer each other’s kids on! And boy do have a reason to cheer for little Warrior, Nolan! Next month Nolan will be participating in the Disneyland Diaper Dash. What a miracle to see this little guy cross the finish line and what a great opportunity to spread awareness for CDH! You can read more about Nolan and the race hereHelp us share Nolan’s story! #GoNolanGo