About the Warriors

The mission of CDH Warriors of the Pacific Northwest is to raise money to help make a positive difference in the lives of children treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

We work within the local community in fund-raising efforts, specifically focused on making donations to support CDH Research.

No Matter how long the Journey, or how tough the Battle, we are Warriors until the end!

CDH Warriors of the Pacific Northwest Guild raises funds to support CDH Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital while also raising awareness throughout our community. We were founded in 2014 by a group of four parents of children born with CDH, and have quickly gathered members dedicated to diminishing Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. We welcome ALL into our guild to support Seattle Children’s Hospital and CDH Research.

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) is a journey that no parent, child or family should have to take. From the moment of diagnosis ALL involved become Warriors fighting against a birth defect that has, as of right now, no reason behind it. We fight against a 50% survival rate. For the survivors, the battle sometimes goes on the rest of their life. Families affected by CDH started this guild with the intention of raising funds for CDH Research and to remind the families that are presently on the CDH Journey that no matter how long the journey, or how tough the battle, we are Warriors until the end!


Courtesy of SeattleChildrens.org

A guild is a group of people who join together to support Seattle Children’s and improve the health and well-being of kids. There are 450 guilds and 6,200 guild members across Washington state. Guild members are men, women and children of all ages. In fiscal year 2012, guilds raised $10.6 million for Children’s by hosting events ranging from auctions and wine tastings to fun runs and golf tournaments.

Each guild is different; some raise several hundred dollars each year, while others raise tens of thousands and more. Guilds also meet significant needs through “heartwarming projects” – the collection or creation of items such as blankets, toys, books and toiletries to support and comfort patients and their families. Each year, guilds donate thousands of heartwarming items.

Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association is the largest all-volunteer fundraising network for any hospital in the nation. We serve as the umbrella organization for all of our guilds, and we support their efforts by providing inspiration, fundraising advice and resources.

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We are a group of survivors, mothers, fathers, friends and family – all touched in some way by CDH. Some of our little Warriors didn’t make it and some of them still fight every day. But their very being strengthens our will and determination to fight. We are more than a guild raising money for CDH research, we are also a community. We are here for each other to celebrate battles won and come together when battles are lost. We will continue to fight, together.

Guild Officers

Christina Stembler | President & Founder

Jana Schneider | Vice President & Marketing/Media

Aaron Stembler | Treasurer

Katy Rondeau | Secretary & Communications

Ashley Austin-Heaton | Marketing/Media Assistant

 Join us! Become a Warrior!

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